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Who is

We are super excited to share with you our online store, You might ask why another online store? What makes you different? Why must we buy from you?

The answers are not as easy as I would hope them to be. Firstly, we are building a platform where you are able to save money. Our long term strategy will complement our ability to pass savings onto our customers. Secondly, We are a small family business, and we feel the same hikes and spikes that the consumer feels. We are constantly working and meeting new suppliers to add to our platform so that our customers have an opportunity to save. Thirdly, for us to find the best deals available and being able to negotiate the “better” deals we need to have some backing behind us, you 🙂 , to take these products of our hands.

What are we doing to save you money?

1. We have so far launched 4 “Pick a Box” deals which enables us to pass on some savings.

2. lists over 6000 products.

3. Apart from what is listed we also do stationary, printers, scanners, consumables, batteries and many  more. We will share more about our suppliers in due course.

4. We do not have it we will try our best to find it.

That said, visit our online store and join our Facebook page and see what we have to offer.

What is in our name?

Come visit us soon.


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