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ICS Sales and Marketing

ICS Sales is about creating a uniqueness within the industry. Our business model resolves around what we can do 100% to our clients satisfaction within a prescribed set of parameters whilst growing their business. Our structure is lean and grows with the business which allows us to meticulously allocate resources where it is required . Creating beneficial relationships is paramount for us which allows us to grow and expand within the market.

We’re an organisation that cares for our people, stakeholders and clients, hence we are selective with who’m we share business interests.

Our structure allows us to cover Gauteng, Pretoria, North West, Limpopo and a part of Mpumalanga. We have also embarked on joint ventures with certain agency’s that have stronger relationships in certain sectors to ensure increased exposure and benefits for our clients.

If you are in the market for an agency kindly share with us your requirements and we will contact you.

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